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Heritage Restoration Timbers

AusTimber are constantly being called to supply genuine heritage restoration projects. Projects such as the the "Eternity Playhouse" (previously Burton St. Tabernacle), Glebe Town Hall (both built during the 1880's), the Governor's Dairy, the earliest surviving workers' cottage in Australia (circa 1795), the fire gutted Quarantine Station at Sydney's North Head and the Female Orphan School at Parramatta which is now being re-utilised as part of the University of Western Sydney. 

The Bella Vista Farm established in the late 1700's was the first home to Merino sheep in Australia with the original homestead's Ironbark timber flooring and ironbark cobbled floor in the stables.

With the foundation stone laid in 1813 by Governor Lachlan Macquarie, the Female Orphan School is recognised as being the oldest three-storey brick building in Australia, and the nation's oldest public building.

The Quarantine Station at North Head (Manly) dates back to the early 1830's and two of the original buildings were destroyed by 2 separate fires during 2001/2002. Restoration was completed in 2007 and the buildings are now home to a hotel, conference centre and restaurant complex known as "Q-Station" and remains part of the Sydney Harbour National Park. 

Reproducing components for "faithful" heritage renovation and restoration projects such as these requires a high degree of skill only gained from a great deal of experience in the field. AusTimber has grown from its humble beginnings in this background over 40 years ago.

Contact AusTimber now to see how we can provide authentic components to match your project's original specification.

Female Orphan School

University of
Western Sydney

Glebe Town Hall

Glebe Town Hall

Quarantine Station buildings H1 & P22 destroyed by fires (2001/2002)

Quarantine Station -
Following destruction by fires

Quarantine Station (Building H1) - Manly

Quarantine Station - Hospital Building (H1)

Cobbled floor being laid in stable

Bella Vista Farm
(Birthplace of the Australian wool industry - circa 1795

Ironbark timber cobbles


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