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National Arboretum Visitors Centre (Canberra)


2013 Timber Design Awards - Winner:

  • Australian Certified Timber
  • Central Region
  • Public Commercial Building
  • Engineered Timber Products.

2013 Master Builders Association Awards - Winner:

  • National Public Buildings Award - $10 million to $50 million


Blackbutt timber beams, decking, handrails and screens were supplied by Austimber from Australian certified sustainable forest.

10 years after the 2003 bushfires, the National Arboretum has risen on a burnt-out timber plantation, old forests of cork, cedar and oak have been regenerated, and interspersed with secret gardens, sculpture, play and learning spaces.

The renewal of such a major site presented symbolic opportunities – what was destroyed by nature’s savagery could be healed by enlightened ecological strategies. One of the declared aims of the project was to protect the tenuous survival of plant species in a climatically challenged world. The Arboretum is now a ''seed bank'' for over 100 botanical species.

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