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Austimber is unmatched for versatility
Custom made products

No other timber supplier can match AusTimbers' versatility when it comes to custom manufacturing of timber components.

In any one day we may be making handrails for a shopping centre or a bank whilst another team is making seats for the tigers at Taronga Park Zoo.

Custom curved handrails were certainly no obstacle when it came to supplying the Westfield "Warringah Mall" Shopping Centre in NSW.
Wide and deep section beams were used to cut the curved shapes and custom set-ups of machinery enabled the curved handrail to be manufactured accurately to specification and in a timely manner.

It is because of our versatility that we are consistently delivering on Westfield Shopping Centres - more than 20 projects over the last 35 years.

Custom Blackbutt Handrail - Westfield Warringah Mall

Curved Handrails
Westfield - Warringah Mall


Curved American Oak Handrail - Westfield Miranda

Curved Handrails
Westfield - Miranda

Blackbutt "Keyhole" Knee & Elbow Bends

Custom Keyhole Bends


'Reclaimed' Bluegum Log Seats

Tiger Seats
Taronga Park Zoo

Custom made Profiles

Custom Shaping Handrail
Commonwealth Bank - Darling Harbour