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AusTimber facility is now fully solar powered.
312 x 320w solar panels with 2 x 50kwh inverters have been installed on the factory roof.

After using solar power to run their timber drying kilns for the past 20 years, AusTimber has taken the leap to upgrade to solar power for their whole operation.

“Skyline Solar” were chosen to install a 100kwh solar system on the factory roof as well as a recently installed 40kwh solar system with batteries and electric car charging point at their administration office at Annangrove.

So now, not only are the AusTimber drying kilns running on environmentally friendly solar power, but also the machine shop, their sales and administration office buildings and even Paul’s car as well, greatly reducing the company’s reliance on fossil fuel energy.

As with any business, director Paul Conlon is constantly looking at how to reduce his company’s operating expenses, but he is also passionate about reducing his footprint on the environment and this is just his latest step toward both of those goals. He says that the reduction on power drawn from the grid is so dramatic that he believes the system will pay for itself in a little over 1 year and he feels good about doing his bit for the planet.


For Paul, it was important the company he chose to supply and install these solar systems had a solid business location with an upstanding reputation and knowledge of solar products and that he was supporting a local business that had been around for many years, so the choice to use Skyline Solar was an obvious one.

Austimber solar installation - Box Hill Skyline Solar installation at Austimber factory - Box Hill Skyline Solar Installation at Austimber Office - Annangrove Batteries and Electric Car Installation by Skyline Solar - Annangrove Office
100kwh Solar Panels on factory rooftop - Box Hill Yard 312 x 320w skyline Solar installation - Box Hill Yard 132 x 300w (40kwh) Solar Panels - Annangrove Office 3 x Tesla Batteries and Vehicle Charging Point - Annangrove Office